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Consumer Business Intelligence – Content with Context

Sanjay Mehta

Author: Sanjay Mehta, CEO, MAIA Intelligence

Business Intelligence is still too elitist and growing still too slow. Currently business intelligence is in corporate arena and it needs to move to consumer. How can we change this paradigm? How can Business Intelligence impact consumers’ daily lives and decisions like internet search or Web 2.0 is doing? How can BI become a utility for decision making with consumer BI applications getting developed?

All individuals need information to take decision in their daily lives and most of the decisions are taken without analysis of referential data. Currently our decisions are based on opinions, recommendations, advertisements, surveys and not actual data which is measured or analyzed.

We find people claiming No. 1 Restaurant Chain based on customer satisfaction another claiming No. 1 Restaurant Chain in Sales figures another recommended by some food guide as No. 1 Restaurant Chain or some comments. All above complexities are arising as today data is available in plain vanilla survey format which is opinion based without data referential integrity, without intelligence. In corporate companies today we use analytics to take decision and all decisions are based only on the outcome of analyse data.

Here I have mentioned publicly simple usable consumer BI which has content with context with consumer BI usage and it can have a great impact in consumer

School / College Admission: Today school and college admissions are taken on ratings given by some magazine, verbal reference, advertisement and not on the data. BI can help slice and dice the data of all the schools / colleges with dimensions which can be number of students, fees, number of teachers, area, number of outgoing graduates etc. With this information parents, students can get real data insight on selection and take intelligent decision. In BI for consumer all school and college will publish data based on which consumers will use consumer BI and take decision.

Bank Selection: New banks account either business or saving is opened on Banker relation, proximity and various other non facts and figures based data factors. BI can help drill down data of all the Banks with variety of dimensions which can be in terms of number of branches, services, ratio of business v/s number of saving accounts, number of ATMs, etc. In BI for consumers all banks financial institutions will publish data based on which consumers will consumer BI and take decision.

Healthcare and Hospitals: Selection of a hospital for any remedy is done on Doctor Relations, proximity and various other factors without reference to factual data. BI can help selection of a health care service provider based on analysis of data, number of doctors, number of beds, success rate of diagnosis in the past, type of remedies or specialization, health satisfaction ratio etc. In BI for consumers all health care institutions will publish data based on which consumers will use consumer BI and take decision.

There will be a paradigm shift by moving from corporate to consumer business intelligence. In coming years there will be huge value for content which has context based on fact and figures. I had heard one time Mr. Narayan Murthy quote in an interview that before taking any decision he would tell the team

“I believe in god rest everybody brings data to the table”.

I conclude with a statement that

“Business Intelligence will move from corporate to consumer in coming years”.

Cross posted on NASSCOM’s EMERGE blog

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One Response to “Consumer Business Intelligence – Content with Context”

  1. Thanks for the great post. I could immediately relate to the need for data in ‘Bank Selection’ process. My own attempt to gather such data made me realize how painful the process of gathering and comparing data is.

    You did mention about BI for consumers where all banks will publish data. Is this a wish or some platform where all such bank related data (savings account, ATMs, loan products etc) already exists?

    Also, would you know any data aggregaion company who can provide this data?

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