MIS Professionals – Role also encompasses Technology and Business Domain

Hiten Rathod Author: Hiten Rathod, Head – Strategic Alliances & Channel

Management Information Systems (MIS) professionals focus on integrating information technology solutions and business processes to meet the information needs of organizations, enabling organizations to achieve their objectives in an effective, efficient manner. For an MIS professional, technology is an instrument to enable generating, processing, and distributing information.

MIS professionals understand both technical and organizational factors. MIS professionals play the lead role in determining the requirements for an organization’s information systems and are active in the design, implementation, and management of these systems.

MIS professionals work closely with other organization managers and serve a bridging role between organizational professionals and other computing professionals. Among all computing-related professionals, MIS specialists emphasize skills and knowledge in such areas as: project management, business functional areas, team work and collaboration, systems analysis and design, database design, network management, planning, organizational controls, quality management, and written and oral communication.

MIS professionals work in private and public organizations in varied business sectors. MIS professionals often aspire to become managers of either the information systems function or general organizational managers. In current scenario it is difficult to think of MIS professional without the knowledge of technology.