Characteristics of Management Information System (MIS)

Hi friends! In my last two posts I had discussed about MIS, its benefits, 5 elements of usable MIS, sources of management information, ouputs of MIS, Scheduled reports, Key Indicator report, Demand report, Exception report, drill down report and much more. In this one, I have tried to highlight Characteristics of Management Information System, MIS for competitive advantage, MIS and web technology & functional aspects of MIS.

Characteristics of a Management Information System 

  • Provides reports with fixed and standard formats
    • Hard-copy and soft-copy reports
  • Uses internal data stored in the computer system
  • End users can develop custom reports
  • Requires formal requests from users

Management Information Systems for Competitive Advantage 

  • Provides support to managers as they work to achieve corporate goals
  • Enables managers to compare results to established company goals and identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement

MIS and Web Technology 

  • Data may be made available from management information systems on a company’s intranet
  • Employees can use browsers and their PC to gain access to the data

Functional Aspects

  • MIS is an integrated collection of functional information systems, each supporting particular functional areas.