MIS Reporting Analysis for Diamond Industry

Accelerate your business with dynamic MIS, ad-hoc reporting and complex analysis.

Diamond ManufacturingDiamnond Manufacturing:

- Kapan wise/ Jangad wise / Packet wise, manager wise, batch wise production
- Outcome analysis of every manufacturing process start from marking to assorting (like Batch yield, Rejection, sawing specification, saleable, weight loss, pieces,  curfing requirements etc)
- Tracking status of daily issued jangad / received jangad
- Comparisons of manufacturing outcome of multiple kapans for the same batch.
- Best Available production option in case of production plan change due to urgent requirement or goods availability etc taking into account manpower availability & skillset, machine allocation, regular required goods based on historical data, availability of rough diamonds & time line.
- Labor efficiency, labor earning

Diamond ExportDiamond Export:

- In-depth analysis of customer taste, profit margin, different payment terms wise facts
- Bank export target & interest analysis
- Automatic alert on loan expiry
- Reporting suggesting optimal use of multiple bank credits facility provided across globe
- Scheduled auto email of bank related document
- Stock analysis on attributes (like size, colour, shape, purity, weight etc..) & stock ageing
- Comprehensive stock movement & requirement analysis considering existing customer orders, goods lying across multiple offices, mfg. unit(s) output & stock required by mfg. unit(s).
- Exhaustive details regarding utilization of export realization (i.e. for Import payment, pre-shipment or post shipment loan payment based on priority considering supplier credit & payment terms, bank late payment fee etc.)
- Batch & Jangad wise packet status
- Reports on loan taken, paid & available
- Ticker regarding Forex rates
- Performance of supplier & agents based on KPI

Diamond RetailDiamond Retail:

- Stock Ageing Analysis
- Attribute Wise Stock Status
- Re order analysis
- Vendor wise stock analysis
- Stock Reconciliation Transfer In –Transfer Out
- Item Movement
- Style Code Wise Stock on Hand
- Vendor Wise Stock Analysis
- Item Wise Stock Status
- Sales Performance
- Attribute Wise Net Sales Report
- Item Wise Sales Analysis
- Vendor Wise Sales Analysis
- Sales Man Performance Analysis
- Tax to be Deposited/Returned
- Gift Voucher Sales

Diamond industry sales & financial accounting MIS Reports and analysisCreate thousands of Ad-hoc financial and sales reports:

- Accounting Reports
- Payables and Receivables
- Loyalty Reports
- User defined reports
- Write a SQL query and convert them as a report using Report Designer
- Financial Reports
- Sales / Export Reports
- Production / Procurement reports
- Vendor Analysis / Stock Analysis
- Customer Loyalty
- Merchandise wise sales/ margin / ageing reporting
- Salesman performance

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