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Precision Infomatic deploys 1KEY Agile BI Suite

MAIA Intelligence’s 1KEY Agile Business Intelligence Software provides leading IT Infrastructure Services Company a robust framework for faster decision making.

MAIA Intelligence today announced the successful deployment of its 1KEY Agile BI Suite Software at Precision Infomatic (M) Pvt. Ltd., part of the USD 60 million Precision Group headquartered at Chennai. Precision Infomatic selected 1KEY Agile BI Suite to meet growing MIS reporting needs and data-analysis challenges associated with their greatly accelerated business growth and 1KEY’s ability to generate complex reports as per changing Business User needs.

1KEY Agile BI Suite offers a wide range of reporting and analysis interfaces for Precision, providing insights into business performance across the company. 1KEY Agile BI Suite analyzes the effectiveness of Sale to Customers, Stocks & Inventory Analysis Profitability Analysis, which need to be continuously monitored & controlled for increased profitability.

Precision-Group-Logo1KEY Agile BI Suite allows us to analyze the Customer Receipt and Vendor Payment Analysis”, said T. G. Ramesh, Director, Precision Infomatic. “The scalability and usability of 1KEY Agile BI suite enables us to distribute information throughout the organization so our business users can focus on our mission to be the leader in channel industry by providing end-to-end IT Infrastructure requirements of our clients,” said Ramesh.

Precision Infomatic is a valued new customer and we are delighted that they selected 1KEY Agile BI Suite to support their reporting and analysis needs,” said Sanjay Mehta, MAIA Intelligence’s CEO. “MAIA Intelligence is well-suited to meet Precision Infomatic’s growing BI requirements. 1KEY Agile BI Suite has the scalability and flexibility to analyze large volumes of transactional data and provide Precision users with valuable insights to enhance operational efficiency and business performance,” Sanjay further added.

Precision Infomatic uses Navision ERP with SQL as its backend for its business operations and home-grown HR software. Currently 1KEY Agile BI Suite generates reports for Sales, Purchase, Finance & HR departments along with consolidated Profit & Loss statements for its group companies.

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