BI – ERP Integration

Integration of Enterprise Applications (ERP, CRM, SCM, HRM, etc.) & Business Intelligence (BI)MAIA Intelligence has seten customers asking for real time reporting rather than waiting for big bang data warehouse modelling where these issues of data integration were a concern. As the business is changing very quickly ‘near enough is good enough’ for business users. They expect quick reporting and analytics than traditionally waiting for large data warehouse to get ready and then use the same. MAIA Intelligence helps customer with real time reporting on their OLTP data where in time latency is reduced action is visible. Today customers are looking for mass customized solutions rather than box packs. In this model of customization, solutions are made and consumed simultaneously. Emerging players like MAIA Intelligence have been able to deliver the business value out of BI at cost effective price point with simplicity and faster roll out. Customers do not need incentives to buy what they perceive as valuable, authentic, and different. It is much easier to create a big marketing program, but it will not solve the critical question of whether your company product is valuable enough for your customers

Companies see the greatest benefit from integrating BI tools with their enterprise application systems when they create dashboards to display and analyze information for finance and HR, partner relations, customer service, executives, sales, and marketing. Since each company has significantly different needs when it comes to integrating BI tools with enterprise applications like ERP, CRM, SCM, HRM, etc., there is no turnkey solution or commercial, off-the-shelf software that can be used as a plug-and-play component for integration.

BI-ERP-integrationIt’s all about employing a methodology that will ensure a rapid and smooth trip to the endgame: creating analytics and dashboards from the enterprise application data and unlocking its value.

It’s important to recognize that, while ERP systems provide a wealth of operational data, they do not paint a complete picture of your business. For this reason it’s important to ensure that the BI tools you choose can be readily integrated with your mission-critical systems.

Take the approach of using BI as a means to extract enhanced value from data within enterprise applications. Transformation from a data to information may be done by enterprise application, but only an BI tool can convert this information to intelligence. Whether you are implementing enterprise application for the first time, replacing it or upgrading, adding users, features or modules, always keep in mind and consider the implications for extracting actionable intelligence every step of the way.