Bye 2010 – a year of returning to business growth

2010-2011 - Year of Business Growth with IT2009 was a year of cost reduction. Companies had overnight put in tight fiscal controls imposed across enterprises especially on IT spending. There was a similar euphoria with Y2K bug and dot com bust and then the subsequent IT melt down in beginning of last decade. Last decade was the one when automation of manual to digitization of process and data was successfully accomplished. Gartner leading IT research firm said that growth is a natural and inevitable phase after almost all recessions, and that the best time to prepare for business growth was before that growth returns. The worst of the global recession discussions appeared to be left behind and companies were ready to reinforce themselves in 2010, a year where technology was put back on the radar. The research firms like IDC believed that businesses would emerge from the technological coma that had paralyzed global spending and begin spending on the new technologies.

Past Decade of Progress — Future Decade of Promise

2010 was a year to start thinking about the coming decade and lay down information technology (IT) plans. Some of them were:

  • CIO became teachers and shape fresh IT talent
  • Companies admitted that decision to block social networking sites would not work and shall boomerang. In fact they embraced it with confidence, right strategy to derive business value
  • Tech skills were needed, but rather they took a back seat to relationship management; companies hired people with more project management competency better so-called soft skills
  • Embedding of business intelligence software in user’s transaction applications
  • State-of-the art data visualization capabilities lead to large scale IT adoption as a younger generation entered the workforce
  • To an extent, Vendor, Distributor, Supplier, Partner or similar entities external data was used to gain market intelligence using EAI enterprise application integration methods
  • Vendor community was engaged in IT planning process to drive innovation. Companies asked vendors what can they do more, what is their product road map
  • Intelligent Local and Network search helped unorganized business users, to mine the requested information from local or network drives
  • Data quality and data integration interlocked hand-in-hand which ensure the right, cleansed data was moved to downstream
  • Global desktop – All of desktop components started becoming mobile and accessible anywhere anytime
  • Cloud Computing was visible. Companies could now think of getting rid of in house IT infrastructure and move to cloud
  • Surface Computing brought paradigm shift in way companies use IT, wherein objects in physical world started to merge with technology

“Today we are at the end of 2010, a year of returning to business growth with IT. There is lot more work to be done. Let’s get on with business. I Shall write back another set of IT predictions for 2011 soon.”