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Business Analytics Trends

Current Trends in Business AnalyticsAn increasing number of organizations are making BI functionality more pervasively available to all decision makers, executives, staff employees, managers and suppliers. However, having a pervasively available BI solution in an organization means much more than distributing basic reports to all stakeholders. Operational BI is the call of the day.

A lot is happening in BI front-end space beyond conventional drill down, slice-dice. We have already started exploring the Web 2.0 based technology wave of RIA (Rich Internet Applications) based BI. This kind of intuitive GUI was never experienced before by business users. In coming months we are releasing 1KEY Touch Dashboard based on RIA platform. This has been rolled out with couple of guinea pig customer for initial feedback. They loved this kind of sexy looking dashboards with number, graphs, charts, dials, gauges, bulbs (for KPI), dancing to their whims and fancy. 1KEY does not stop at analyzing data. To help users quickly explore data, it provides a series of data exploration dashboards based on user preference. These Quick Dashboards allow users to very quickly explore their data sets and identify patterns before beginning to build out end-user reports and dashboards.

Organizations are now demanding quicker BI solutions, leading to an increase in the packaged analytic solutions implementation. Also embedding of business intelligence (BI) software in user’s transaction applications is much easier now.

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  1. Nice piece of work. Business intelligence (BI) and analytics will play an increasingly important role in reinventing business models, analytics has largely been about IT projects, however, as digital technologies. It dominate CIO technology priorities, the influence of analytics is set increase dramatically. These trends will be accentuated further beyond 2014, with cloud, social, mobile and information/big data as new channels for bringing analytics to new audiences.

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