MAIA’s Excel Data-Analyser (EDA)

Microsoft Excel is fantastic personal productivity software. The uniqueness of MS Excel is its ability to store data, value-add on that data (formulas etc.), conduct analysis and share the same with multiple stake holders. This brings us to the value proposition that Excel Data-Analyser (EDA), a unique analysis tool & DesktopApp from MAIA Intelligence, a Business Intelligence, Analytics & Reporting Software Product Company which has changed the way organisations invest in Business Intelligence projects.

EDA is a DesktopApp developed by MAIA Intelligence after numerous discussions with MS Excel Users during our man-years of engagement with our Enterprise Customers, Consultants and Partners on our 1KEY BI projects. Some of the comments which inspired us to develop this tool as a standalone offering available for individuals and corporates are as under:

“I use MS Excel to store my individual data and use standard features like search & filter. Have not used the analysis features as they are a bit confusing and may require an extensive training. I depend on my MIS team to provide me analytically cooked reports. Have to compromise on the timelines as the MIS team typically has lot of other things to do. ”
– National Sales Head of a leading Indian Financial Services Company.

“Though there are many BI tools in our company, I prefer to download the data into MS Excel to match it with my other data like targets, budgets. Don’t really use Excel Analysis features, but use the formula builder to create few derived fields. Using Analysis / Pivots looks a cumbersome effort and have not ventured into it yet. Yes it would be great to conduct analysis and share that analysis with the concerned stake holder”
– Financial Controller of a Mid-Sized FMCG organisation.

“Though we use the SAP as our core application, we very often download data into Excel as the SAP standard reports are static and don’t allow the Excel type flexibility. However even after downloading the data into Excel, it’s very cumbersome to create charts which we need to provide as instant insights to our management. We lose a lot of productivity and time in creating these charts using Excel”
- Sales Head of a leading Pharmaceutical Company

“Apart from my standard services to my customers, I also look to value-add by providing actionable analysis on my customer’s financial data. Having multiple customers, I juggle around with multiple excel sheet data and then have to save these with separate names. This sometimes becomes a confusing exercise and very non-productive, especially for a small set-up like ours. It would be great if there are certain canned analytical patterns available in a menu-driven style to conduct analysis by directly connecting to the excel data”
– A Chartered Accountant servicing more than 100 customers.

The above and many such incidents & discussions of “living the life of an Excel User”, inspired us to develop “Excel Data-Analyser (EDA)” which can be used by the average as well as extensive Excel fanatic for instant analysis of their data in Excel Sheets. Also keeping with the tradition of deploying Business Intelligence & Analytics projects within affordable TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) limits, MAIA is offering this DesktopApp at an aggressive price per desktop user including 1 month of offline support. Users can buy & download this DesktopApp online.

We welcome all Excel Users to use EDA and unlock the value in their Excel data by conducting ready-analysis on your Excel data and get instant insights to improve your performance, Plan your role with ease, empower your team, spend more time on your business rather than creating analytical reports and much more. EDA is really designed to make your life simpler and your job more productive!

Come, be part of this Simple yet Effective EDA journey…!