The Power of Banking Business Intelligence Software

Everybody who reads this blog post should be able to relate to technology significantly changing their lives at one point. Of course, this is a personal experience that is subjective to each and every individual’s experiences. Some who are a “little longer in the tooth” may recall the advent of the calculator. Others may recall […]

Pidilite deploys MAIA 1KEY FCM to streamline financials

Pidilite eliminated spreadsheet-based manual closing of books and financial consolidation with MAIA’s 1KEY FCM By Rajendra Chaudhary A layman may not know much about Pidilite but ask him about adhesives and the first name that you would be likely to hear would be that of Fevicol—which has become a household name in adhesives. Such is […]

BI is not just a dashboard

The more we read about Business intelligence and related areas, people start getting into a thought process of Dashboard and slice and dice capabilities of it. That is natural when it comes to the tool and technology capabilities of how to look at the data. But may times people fail to realize that its mere […]

Working Capital Management and BI – Part III

Where is Working Capital Analysis Most Critical? On the one hand, working capital is always significant. This is especially true from the lender’s or creditor’s perspective, where the main concern is defensiveness: can the company meet its short-term obligations, such as paying vendor bills? But from the perspective of equity valuation and the company’s growth […]

Working Capital Management and BI – Part II

Working Capital Cycle: The basic objective of financial management is to maximize shareholders wealth. This objective can be achieved when the company earns sufficient profits. The amount of profits largely depends on the magnitude of sales. But, sales do not convert into cash instantly. There is time lag between the sale of goods and the […]

Working Capital Management and BI – Part I

The perfect world does not require or concentrate about current assets or current liabilities because there would not be uncertainty, no transaction costs, information search costs, scheduling costs or production and technology constraints. The unit cost of production would not vary with the quantity produced. Capital, Labour and products markets shall be perfectly competitive and […]

What is an Executive Dashboard?

This just in… A recent research report states Business Intelligence is in the top 10 initiatives for CIO’s this year. How many times have you seen the above statement? The answer probably gives some indication of just how old you are! Think about it, every year there are multiple sources (research reports, technology magazines, etc.) […]

Most People like to be Spoon Fed

Human beings haven’t evolved as fast as computer software. Most people still like to have the information they need presented to them in a format they can use, so they can concentrate on running their business. Unfortunately, business intelligence software developers seemto think that everybody lives their life through their computers, just like they do. […]

Why BI Initiatives Fail?

There are projects that become industry-wide references and then there are those that are dusted away beneath the carpet. The bigger solution providers have a higher rate of success than smaller solution providers simply because they have a very well defined program on how to deliver certain projects. They have a gold mine of internal […]

B lack of I – protect it.

Underlying great business ideas there has to be an understanding of how to protect those ideas – an understanding of intellectual property rights. Great ideas can fail to realise their commercial potential though inadequate analysis and documentation. Yes, it’s the boring bit, but it’s vital to achieve and preserve value. As lawyers Berwins have advised […]