Road to Self Service BI with 1KEY – Part 1

New Media like mobile phones, social networks etc. have drastically increased the data growth rate. This vast amount of data can provide accurate and insightful inferences for those who are ready to analyze it. With the growth of Analytics teams across the organizations the BI & Analytics tools are increasingly required to be user-friendly and […]

Data Analytics in Real-Time

Every organization needs a complete, actionable view of their operations to remain competitive in today’s business environment. To balance the speed of data to be analyzed organizations must look at Real-Time analytics solution capable of handling Big Data. Real-time BI technology gives business users or automated systems immediate access to operational data. The goal is […]

Future of BI & Analytics

Starting with Information Management and Reporting BI has changed dramatically over the years. The changing markets dynamics and management approach has resulted in some of the new trends in Analytics space. The current wave is about riding on Next Generation BI Technologies and Big Data Analytics. Let us have a look at the near future […]

The Dashboard Story with 1KEY Touch

Companies today face the challenge of having a plethora of information available from disparate sources. Even when useful data is available, it is often too overwhelming to find it. In such scenarios you can make use of data visualization with self-service and transform how you view your business by interacting with sophisticated visual representations of […]

MAIA Intelligence is Winner of FICCI’s IIGP 2013

MAIA Intelligence’s Vision of driving the ‘Democratization of Business Intelligence’ received a huge recognition in form of Winner of Innovator’s Competition of the India Innovation Growth Programme (IIGP) 2013. Driven by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), the IIGP 2013 is a joint initiative of FICCI, the Department of Science and Technology, […]

The Dashboard Story – III

In the previous posts we saw the needs and qualities of the effective dashboard visualization. Now we will see what dashboards facilitate for its users which was not possible or was not as effective without them. Dashboards continue to get a lot of attention in organizations who are looking for ways to help communicate their […]

The Dashboard Story – II

In the last article we have seen the need of data visualization and how it resulted into creation of interactive business dashboards. In this post we will see the aesthetic form and functionality of a perfect dashboard. The value of representing information concisely and effectively dates back to Florence Nightingale, when she developed a new […]

The Dashboard Story – I

Usually large amount of data becomes boring, confusing and intimidating without use of data visualization tools. Data Visualization provides a powerful means both to make sense of data and to then communicate what we’ve discovered to others. Dashboards have grown into an essential business intelligence (BI) tool. Dashboard data visualization has replaced huge spreadsheets and boring, […]

Data Analytics for Business Managers

Data is the new oil, and those who can analyze it better and faster, will succeed. The ability to track, categorize and evaluate everything from online purchases to the latest Twitter trending topics, offers massive opportunities for real-time intelligence about responses to products, services and even political decisions. The benefits of data analysis are evident […]

BI & Analytics Top Trends – 2013

While it has been some time now into the new year, the trends for 2013 are shaping up. Building upon the solid foundations laid in recent years, the year ahead in Analytics look very promising for below trends. Big Bang of Big Data – From consumers to businesses to solution providers, all are equally impressed, […]