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Data is New Oil

We have always been living in a world that has been defined by physical resources and even today we continue to do so. The economies of recent history have centered around wood and water and coal and oil and arable land. Governments have risen around these resources and wars have been fought over them. Whoever […]

MAIA Intelligence in FICCI’s Top 100 Innovators

Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth. –   Peter Drucker MAIA Intelligence is extremely elated to announce that its revolutionary BI solution 1KEY has been selected among Top 100 Innovations in FICCI’s India Innovation Growth Programme. MAIA’s vision to drive the Democratization […]

Big Decisions with Big Data

Organizations have become ‘data-driven’ and data collection and analysis influences the firm’s business strategy and day-to-day decision-making. Leaders who base their judgement on a combination of experience and instinct are becoming increasingly rare. Decisions based purely on intuitions or experiences are increasingly regarded as suspect and more & more management decisions are based on actionable […]

Improve Data Analysis with Operational BI

The demand for business intelligence data only continues to increase, putting BI vendors and practitioners under the gun to develop new technologies and improve existing processes in order to boost the performance of BI systems and maximize their return on investment. With growing data size a new idea can be brought into practice to improve […]

Beginning with BI in an Organization

What is Required to Start a Business Intelligence project in an Organization? BI turns data into actionable information which support business in strategic decision making. Business Intelligence (BI) project assumes to be integrated with Data Warehouse or other reporting solution like data repository or reporting from legacy systems. So how should any company get started […]

Data Management for BI

Data is the foundation for building reliable systems. Data Management for Business Intelligence covers a broad spectrum of services including Strategy & Architecture, Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence & Analytics. The ability to exploit business data and extract the insights hidden within is predicted in the […]

What makes you a BI Specialist?

In a recent post in a very popular BI Forum, Business Intelligence Group, I found a discussion as below. Hello everyone, I am student. I find Business Intelligence domain interesting and want to become a BI professional. Can anybody guide what should I do? Which course should I take after college? I think everyone of […]

BI for Media Companies

The increasing cost pressure in traditional media and publication companies and the risks associated with new, unproven business models in digital media make the ability to analyze business and audience data of critical importance to this industry. Even though intuition comes in handy while managing today’s business dynamics, it is no longer sufficient in making […]

1KEY HPC – High Performance Analytics 1

Supercomputing and data crunching used to be the sole domain of universities and research institutes–but with today’s business analytics and new “affordable” platforms more enterprises are taking a hard look at moving for high performance computing environments. In the previous articles in the series of High performance Analytics, we have seen the how these solutions […]

High Performance Analytics – 2

In the previous article we learned about Big Data & High Performance Analytics solutions. Let us now dig deeper into High Performance Analytics solutions and see how can use them to best advantage and create new values out of Big Data. Let us begin with the challenges in Big Data Analytics. What information to store? […]